Re-echoing Ali Mazrui Call for Universal Peace

In his own words spoken in summer 1988 at the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of emancipation from slavery in the British West Indies and Guyana, Prof. Ali A. Mazrui concluded his address saying that:-

“The beginning of wisdom is to know your-self. We are a people of the day before yesterday and a people of the day after tomorrow…Before our dispersal; our village in Africa was the World. We knew no other, but now we are scattered so widely that the sun never sets on the descendants of Africa. There are more than 100 million people of African ancestry in this hemisphere alone. One world form Zanzibar to Georgetown and beyond has now become our village and with the help of others committed to this CAUSE, we must make this global village more human between now and the day after tomorrow”(Ali Mazrui 1988).
In the capital Georgetown, Guyana, Professor Mazrui was guest of the Head of State where he delivered a key note address at the opening of the celebrations. The theme was, “Collective martyrdom in modern history: From Mandingo to the Mandelas’. In 2010, twenty two years later, the Professor’s call for universal peace led to the birth of Ali A. Mazrui Foundation in Uganda.
The major underpinning debates of his works consistently portrayed him as a proponent and prophet announcing, the arrival of a world federation of cultures in a Global village with universal peace, perhaps with Africa at the vanguard. This is envisaged to be “one-world, one-people and one-future”. Therefore, the grounds of the Foundation are to identify, develop and promote a diversity of scholars and researchers of successive generations, who will be disciples and cadres of this ideology and ambassadors of change. At this time when we remember, should have been Ali Mazrui’s 82nd birth day celebrations, please come let us reason together to realize his dream. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Nuha Mwesigwa