Climate Change Mitigation through Greening the Business Functions

Greening of manufacturing/operations function:
1 Prioritize the reduction of the impact of facility construction and operation.
2 Use resources more efficiently.
3 Create byproducts, recycle and re-use to eliminate waste.
4 Intensify production processes to reduce environmental impacts while lowering the costs of inputs and waste disposal
5 Consciously avoid actions causing changes to the climate, water infrastructure and forestry.
6 Use alternative energy sources in production and manufacturing processes.
7 Use green technology to remain competitive and increase productivity.
Greening of marketing/sales function:
1 Use green initiatives to attract new market opportunities.
2 Use only green packaging for products.
3 Be committed to investing in green research and development initiatives.
4 Use green marketing to make customers aware of environmentally friendly business.
5 Sell only green products.
6 Ensure brand loyalty by being an environmentally friendly business.
7 Honor commitments by advertising positive environmentalism.
8 Continually remind customers in advertisements of Eco-friendly products.
9 Develop a reputation for supplying Eco-friendly products.
Greening of purchasing/supply chain function:
1 Assess the impact of suppliers on the environment prior to purchasing.
2  Ensure that all businesses in the supply chain meet ISO 14000 standards.
3 Purchase only from suppliers selling environmentally friendly products.
4 Produce/supply Eco-friendly products in spite of higher production costs.
5 Greening of distribution/logistics function:
1 Use space-saving warehousing or storage facilities to reduce environmental impact.
2 Have a ‘green’ warehouse in terms of the construction materials used, heating and cooling facilities.
3 Use bio fuels in transportation fleet and limit the number of distribution trips to reduce the carbon
4 footprint.
5 Use alternative means of transport to make transport efforts greener.
6 Use containers at full capacity to reduce the number of trips to distribute products.
7 Share warehouse facilities/transportation networks to avoid traffic congestions and overcrowding.
Greening of finance/information technology function:
1 Institute green accounting policies.
2 Take part in socially responsible investing (SRI).
3 Avoid penalties, fi nes and legal costs for non-compliance with environmental legislation.
4 Expand the use of sustainable paper products while reducing the use of paper.
5 Complete a green business audit to ensure that green business standards are met.
Greening of general management/human resources function:
1 Produce or sell eco-friendly products according to stakeholders’ needs.
2 Implement green human resource policies to cultivate a green business culture.
3 Support community action programmes (for example, to make use of reusable containers).
4 Ensure top management support in all green initiatives.
5 Complete a green audit of employee activities to ensure that green business standards are met.
6 Establish a formal team of people to monitor and promote green issues.