To address these longstanding challenges like Uganda’s youth unemployment, lack of private sector growth in Uganda and employment challenges at Makerere University MUPSF was established in April 2006 by Makerere University council after endorsement by the university senate. Its mission is to bridge the divide between the university and the public and private sector in order to see the social-economic development of Uganda. The vice chancellor then Prof. Livingstone S.Luboobi, PHD appointed a working committee composed of members from the private sector and public sectors as well as Makerere University to draw up opportunities for collaboration and mobilization, as well as to set the Forum’s agenda. In 2008, the Forum was officially incorporated as a company with full autonomy in policy making and governance. MUPSF also identified areas of collaboration with 15 public and private sector partners such as the Uganda Manufacturers Association and shell Uganda.

The Forum agenda is driven by the need for employment-focused student training, problem-oriented and demand-driven research and policy research at the national and regional levels. The Forum also focuses on topical issues which affect the private sector growth and development, which calls for urgent interventions, such as guidance on possible alternatives to the current energy crisis in Uganda; information dissemination to agricultural producers and food processors on value addition strategies.

MUPSF has its secretariat at Makerere University and is headed by an Executive Director in the names of Prof. Mwesigwa Nuha Akiiki. Policies of the Forum are generated by the Joint Advisory Council (JAC) made up of representatives of key stakeholders. Currently, the working committee acts as the JAC and is chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu.