Prof. Mwesigwa Nuha Akiiki, Executive Director MUPSF

On behalf of Makerere University Private Sector Forum (MUPSF), Greetings and Welcome to MUPSF website.  MUPSF was established in April 2006 by Makerere University council after endorsement by the university senate. Its mission is to bridge the divide between the university and the public and private sector in order to see the social-economic development of Uganda. The vice chancellor then appointed a working committee composed of members from the private sector and public sectors as well as Makerere University to draw up opportunities for collaboration and mobilization, as well as to set the Forum’s agenda. In 2008, the Forum was officially incorporated as a company with full autonomy in policy making and governance. MUPSF also identified areas of collaboration with 15 public and private sector partners such as the Uganda Manufacturers Association and shell Uganda.You are invited to read a comprehensive and in-depth review of current endeavors, reflecting the pride we, as MUPSF, have in our continuing growth and current success.  It conveys our sense of mission and vision to build a strong and vibrant partnership between the academia and public-private sectors for national socio-economic development. Through our website, you will discover our commitment to the development of our country Uganda by addressing longstanding challenges like youth unemployment among others. Our focus then and now is to promote the development of demand driven skills at the university These are exciting times for MUPSF and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, sustainability and innovative nature as you browse     through this website. 

Prof. Mwesigwa Nuha Akiiki
Executive DirectorMUPSF Structure